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2013-01-13 07:06:11 by The-MickMad

Crits and comments always welcome!!

CHECK THIS STUFF OUT!! It's gonna make your ears cum! :D Just kidding, your ears cannot cum! It will just make you jizz all over the place XD Crits and comments always welcome!


2012-10-03 13:11:37 by The-MickMad

So hello to all the readers that I dont have!
How are you? I'm fine, thanks for asking. I'm 5 exams away from getting my Degree in Computer Engineering and I'm willing to get this thing done before the next June so yay!
Just wanted to let you all know that I just published a heavy metal super distorted vocals song called CRACK.
Hear it, like it, review it!

Yeaaaaaaaaaah! I can finally record high quality , great sounding guitars on my f***in pc! Just bought Guitar Rig Mobile and it sounds AWESOME! My SG is screaming hard and loud onto this thingy, at last! So now I hv the sound I was lookin for, I hv the quality I was lookin for, and now I can finally record everything that comes in my head with just a few clicks, so stay tuned coz I had a lot of work done these last months on projects and songs, u're probably gonna like them! Stay tuned and PEACE,


Yeah Yeah (oooh!)

2009-06-16 16:20:16 by The-MickMad

Yeah Yeah (oooh!)

Hi yeaaaahs! This is The-MickMad (or The-Yeah XD) wiriting something here on Newgrounds just for the sake of itself. Sooo, this day I just got another work done, and is called "Yeah Yeah (oooh!)" since I was in the yeah mood while doing it and it pretty gives you that yeah thingy aswell. So, yeah, check it out, biatch XD

Yeah, I mean... Peace,


Yeah Yeah (oooh!)

I wanna marry this woman. *__*

OMG! That's what I call Joint! :O

Flixel : AS3 Framework

2009-06-09 15:15:28 by The-MickMad

Hi everybody!
Yesterday I read about Flixel, an ActionScript 3 framework for simplifying game creation.
Today I got everything downloaded and working, including FlashDevelop, Flex SDK, and the Flixel source, gave a look at the docs, tried out some simple hello-world-thingy and got it pretty much; it looks easy and simple, many useful functions are already scripted for simple recalling of many actions that are at the base of any game, from standard key pressions, to timers, sprites, particles emitters, and audio control. So, my first review is that this Flixel thingy is pretty neat, I think everybody here should give it a look and try to do something pretty :)
And btw Tom Fulp said that there's a Flixel game contest goin on till July 5th, so that's something that should keep more people occupied on this framework ;)

- Mick -

Flixel : AS3 Framework


2009-06-07 11:47:39 by The-MickMad

New submission, just posted :)

Imagine - by The-MickMad

Enjoy it.


Killer On A Newspaper

2009-06-06 12:14:24 by The-MickMad

Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey!!

New submission out there, my first D'n'B track with an effort in it.


BPM is 185, btw.
So, free your room from obstacles in the way, call some friends w/ some chicks, take loads of beer (vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, vermouth, etc etc), drink, and DANCE!


- Mick -

Killer On A Newspaper

People I'm finally back with another Zelda Reorchestration: /243090

Enjoy it and vote fairly!