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Zoso The Clown Zoso The Clown

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just wow. you are very talented. I'd buy this.

Sleep Talker Sleep Talker

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yeah, that happen'd loads of time, not to me, but to my sista, bro and even to my roommate (my sista's best friend)...some years ago my bro was working in a photo lab, and sometimes before dinner i would eventually find him standing on his legs but with his torso laying on my bed (it was a 4 feet tall bed) and i tried to wake him up saying "hey bro dinner's almost ready, are u coming?" and he:"yeah, i'm coming, just waiting for this photo reel..." and me:"photo what??" and he"yeah, the photo reel in the coke can...." XD or one time my roommate was sleeping and i was dressin up going out and he went like " moy...priest...." or my sista once woke me up in the middle of the night whispering my name...that totally creep'd me out!!

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