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Cursors :D Cursors :D

Rated 3 / 5 stars

ok, nice whatsoever

nice its good for a first submission, my first was crappy and so it was blammed even if it was damn fuckn funny! but man that's not my song u used...that's some one else!

XphobixProductions responds:

o thats your music it's just that my comptuer is messed up and is messes with my song,mypicture,all my files,deletes alot of my me its your song

CNTT making a simple game CNTT making a simple game

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice tut!

man good tutorial, this is for noobs really, and it's a starting point from which people with a little more effort can start from to make more difficult games...and i loved the music! ;)

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Gimgak responds:

thanks! yeah, i made the music the highest quality i could

Guitar Workshop 1.0 Guitar Workshop 1.0

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

really cool

really niceeeeeeee! guitar creators should use something like this for letting their customers customize the most their guitar... anyway this is one of the guitars i'd like to have created for me, maybe by BC Rich :)

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95&x10y=187&x11x=366.95&x11y=178&x12x =426.3&x12y=176.6&x13x=385.95&x13y=16 4&x14x=380.75&x14y=135.15&c1x=389.75&
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95&c9y=160&c10x=274.8&c10y=200.55&c11 x=339.95&c11y=146&c12x=381.95&c12y=18 8&c13x=402.95&c13y=171&c14x=366.75&c1 4y=149.25&p1x=160&p1y=54&p2x=131&p2y=
19&p3x=56.8&p3y=11&p4x=42.55&p4y=17.3 &p5x=40.55&p5y=80.35&p6x=3&p6y=88&p7x =-21&p7y=108&p8x=57&p8y=118&p9x=119&p 9y=108&p10x=166&p10y=112&p11x=136&p11 y=102&p12x=122.75&p12y=79.25&pc1x=133 .35&pc1y=59&pc2x=150&pc2y=28&pc3x=110 .25&pc3y=30.7&pc4x=33&pc4y=-3&pc5x=36 .1&pc5y=63.5&pc6x=30.5&pc6y=99.25&pc7 x=-7&pc7y=105&pc8x=22&pc8y=136&pc9x=8 5&pc9y=81&pc10x=133&pc10y=120&pc11x=1 50&pc11y=109&pc12x=121.5&pc12y=96.25&
h1x=1.55&h1y=-11.4&h2x=19&h2y=-20&h3x =95&h3y=-29&h4x=109&h4y=-3&h5x=97&h5y =24&h6x=71&h6y=21&h7x=45&h7y=18&h8x=1 9&h8y=22&h9x=4&h9y=12&hc1x=1.8&hc1y=1 .2&hc2x=19&hc2y=-9&hc3x=66&hc3y=-20&h c4x=70&hc4y=-10&hc5x=73&hc5y=7&hc6x=8 3&hc6y=22&hc7x=61.45&hc7y=19.25&hc8x=
n1y=28.1&n2x=366.35&n2y=51.2&n3x=82.2 5&n3y=51.3&n4x=82.5&n4y=20.1&nc1x=82.
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73&key4y=15&key4r=-170.076065063477&k ey5x=53&key5y=14&key5r=-170.076065063 477&key6x=32&key6y=14&key6r=179.92393 4936523&neckScale=1&bodyC=0x880000&bo dyA=68&pickC=0x000000&pickA=38&bodyBT =3&bodyBC=0x000000&bodyBA=40&pickBT=1 .5&pickBC=0x000000&pickBA=100&neckBT=
0.5&headBC=0xf2024&headBA=96&headC=0x bb0000&headA=60&bodyW=9&neckW=2&headW =8&pickU1F=6&pickU1B=1&pickU1R=9.9239 3493652344&pickU1X=500.95&pickU1Y=223 &pickU2F=6&pickU2B=1&pickU2R=9.923934 93652344&pickU2X=526.75&pickU2Y=223&p ickU3F=6&pickU3B=1&pickU3R=9.92393493 652344&pickU3X=549.1&pickU3Y=221&brid ge=14&bridgeX=474.7&bridgeY=225&fretC olor=&fretStyle=12&keys=1&knobs1=1&kn obs2=1&kn1x=451.45&kn1y=278.95&kn2x=4 76.9&kn2y=278.65&kn3x=496&kn3y=261.3&
kn4x=494.85&kn4y=394.8&kn5x=312.45&kn 5y=402.45&kn6x=346.4&kn6y=408.15&kn7x =369&kn7y=405.8&kn8x=395.85&kn8y=405.
sw2x=514.55&sw2y=254.25&burst=2&stuff 1=1&stuff1x=514.5&stuff1y=382.45&stuf f2=1&stuff2x=607.4&stuff2y=387.7&stuf f3=1&stuff3x=577.1&stuff3y=383.15&stu ff4=1&stuff4x=547.9&stuff4y=383.6&tru ss=6

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gtr-wrkshp responds:

I didn't like the headstock. the rest was VEEERY nice

Badger Doom 1.6a Badger Doom 1.6a

Rated 4 / 5 stars

ok nice

ok enjoying but hey i got to 1003 frags with no damage...that's way too simple...and when the bager gets hit you should make it unclickable or if you keep clicking when the badger already exploded then it will count you loads of more frags..

MakeaMarioScene MakeaMarioScene

Rated 0 / 5 stars


My Flash Joke is going to be almost blammed and this gained a 2 or so points?????
2 points for this useless thing????

ClaudStrofe responds:

It's not Useless! just OOOOOOOLD!

Viviparous Dumpling Viviparous Dumpling

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good game

Good game, great style, really Different from other kind of already seen stuff.
Try to find some other great ideas like this!

Aggressive Alpine Skiing Aggressive Alpine Skiing

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty good game

This is a really cute game, some sort of an arcade style game, it remembers me of coin op games, and is also simple but cool at the same time.But I think that there should be more options like a time feature, but it's good even like you did; jumping houses is a bit annoying, but when I got to the Space Jump I tried to finish the race so many times!
The music is really cool and I think that's one of the best things in the game, very Arcade style.
Good work, and keep us up-to-date!