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Fury of the Double Dragon Fury of the Double Dragon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this is, like, the best sprite animation I've seen here in a loooong time !! keep up the good work ;)

Gamer - Shaping Staff Gamer - Shaping Staff

Rated 5 / 5 stars

dude, the stuff you can do with, like, 4 colours... amazing.

spacefader responds:

Yeah, the less colour the better!!!

Apocalypse Meow Apocalypse Meow

Rated 5 / 5 stars



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Cursors :D Cursors :D

Rated 3 / 5 stars

ok, nice whatsoever

nice its good for a first submission, my first was crappy and so it was blammed even if it was damn fuckn funny! but man that's not my song u used...that's some one else!

XphobixProductions responds:

o thats your music it's just that my comptuer is messed up and is messes with my song,mypicture,all my files,deletes alot of my me its your song

CNTT making a simple game CNTT making a simple game

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice tut!

man good tutorial, this is for noobs really, and it's a starting point from which people with a little more effort can start from to make more difficult games...and i loved the music! ;)

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Gimgak responds:

thanks! yeah, i made the music the highest quality i could

Guitar Workshop 1.0 Guitar Workshop 1.0

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

really cool

really niceeeeeeee! guitar creators should use something like this for letting their customers customize the most their guitar... anyway this is one of the guitars i'd like to have created for me, maybe by BC Rich :)

100.2&x3x=417.55&x3y=62.35&x4x=461.75 &x4y=57.45&x5x=383.6&x5y=46.65&x6x=32 0&x6y=41.25&x7x=165&x7y=26&x8x=248.95 &x8y=114&x9x=219.95&x9y=173&x10x=306.
95&x10y=187&x11x=366.95&x11y=178&x12x =426.3&x12y=176.6&x13x=385.95&x13y=16 4&x14x=380.75&x14y=135.15&c1x=389.75&
c1y=126&c2x=425.85&c2y=115.65&c3x=386 .75&c3y=78.1&c4x=439.2&c4y=54.1&c5x=4 30.95&c5y=37&c6x=349.95&c6y=93&c7x=25 6.95&c7y=4&c8x=235.95&c8y=51&c9x=242.
95&c9y=160&c10x=274.8&c10y=200.55&c11 x=339.95&c11y=146&c12x=381.95&c12y=18 8&c13x=402.95&c13y=171&c14x=366.75&c1 4y=149.25&p1x=160&p1y=54&p2x=131&p2y=
19&p3x=56.8&p3y=11&p4x=42.55&p4y=17.3 &p5x=40.55&p5y=80.35&p6x=3&p6y=88&p7x =-21&p7y=108&p8x=57&p8y=118&p9x=119&p 9y=108&p10x=166&p10y=112&p11x=136&p11 y=102&p12x=122.75&p12y=79.25&pc1x=133 .35&pc1y=59&pc2x=150&pc2y=28&pc3x=110 .25&pc3y=30.7&pc4x=33&pc4y=-3&pc5x=36 .1&pc5y=63.5&pc6x=30.5&pc6y=99.25&pc7 x=-7&pc7y=105&pc8x=22&pc8y=136&pc9x=8 5&pc9y=81&pc10x=133&pc10y=120&pc11x=1 50&pc11y=109&pc12x=121.5&pc12y=96.25&
h1x=1.55&h1y=-11.4&h2x=19&h2y=-20&h3x =95&h3y=-29&h4x=109&h4y=-3&h5x=97&h5y =24&h6x=71&h6y=21&h7x=45&h7y=18&h8x=1 9&h8y=22&h9x=4&h9y=12&hc1x=1.8&hc1y=1 .2&hc2x=19&hc2y=-9&hc3x=66&hc3y=-20&h c4x=70&hc4y=-10&hc5x=73&hc5y=7&hc6x=8 3&hc6y=22&hc7x=61.45&hc7y=19.25&hc8x=
n1y=28.1&n2x=366.35&n2y=51.2&n3x=82.2 5&n3y=51.3&n4x=82.5&n4y=20.1&nc1x=82.
&nc4x=&nc4y=&key1x=32&key1y=-15&key1r =-10.0760650634766&key2x=51&key2y=-15 &key2r=-10.0760650634766&key3x=74&key 3y=-16&key3r=-10.0760650634766&key4x=
73&key4y=15&key4r=-170.076065063477&k ey5x=53&key5y=14&key5r=-170.076065063 477&key6x=32&key6y=14&key6r=179.92393 4936523&neckScale=1&bodyC=0x880000&bo dyA=68&pickC=0x000000&pickA=38&bodyBT =3&bodyBC=0x000000&bodyBA=40&pickBT=1 .5&pickBC=0x000000&pickBA=100&neckBT=
0.5&headBC=0xf2024&headBA=96&headC=0x bb0000&headA=60&bodyW=9&neckW=2&headW =8&pickU1F=6&pickU1B=1&pickU1R=9.9239 3493652344&pickU1X=500.95&pickU1Y=223 &pickU2F=6&pickU2B=1&pickU2R=9.923934 93652344&pickU2X=526.75&pickU2Y=223&p ickU3F=6&pickU3B=1&pickU3R=9.92393493 652344&pickU3X=549.1&pickU3Y=221&brid ge=14&bridgeX=474.7&bridgeY=225&fretC olor=&fretStyle=12&keys=1&knobs1=1&kn obs2=1&kn1x=451.45&kn1y=278.95&kn2x=4 76.9&kn2y=278.65&kn3x=496&kn3y=261.3&
kn4x=494.85&kn4y=394.8&kn5x=312.45&kn 5y=402.45&kn6x=346.4&kn6y=408.15&kn7x =369&kn7y=405.8&kn8x=395.85&kn8y=405.
sw2x=514.55&sw2y=254.25&burst=2&stuff 1=1&stuff1x=514.5&stuff1y=382.45&stuf f2=1&stuff2x=607.4&stuff2y=387.7&stuf f3=1&stuff3x=577.1&stuff3y=383.15&stu ff4=1&stuff4x=547.9&stuff4y=383.6&tru ss=6

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gtr-wrkshp responds:

I didn't like the headstock. the rest was VEEERY nice

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Some Shitty Metal Solo Some Shitty Metal Solo

Rated 2 / 5 stars

you just went full retard, man...never go full retard man... 2 stars for the try. but please, exercise a lot! study study study and play play play. don't just pull random notes out of a pentatonic, it's just useless unless you well know what notes to take.

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This is Chipstep This is Chipstep

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is just an amazing job.

wandschrank responds:

Thanks a lot!

Cemeterial Lights Cemeterial Lights

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Questo è doom metal, così come io sono Tony Staark; questo è doom metal, così come Emilio Fede è un giornalista serio; questo è doom metal, così come Barbara D'Urso è una brava conduttrice televisiva. Insomma, questo NON è doom metal.

Questo E' doom metal. m_LS6g

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Zoso The Clown Zoso The Clown

Rated 5 / 5 stars


just wow. you are very talented. I'd buy this.

Sleep Talker Sleep Talker

Rated 5 / 5 stars


yeah, that happen'd loads of time, not to me, but to my sista, bro and even to my roommate (my sista's best friend)...some years ago my bro was working in a photo lab, and sometimes before dinner i would eventually find him standing on his legs but with his torso laying on my bed (it was a 4 feet tall bed) and i tried to wake him up saying "hey bro dinner's almost ready, are u coming?" and he:"yeah, i'm coming, just waiting for this photo reel..." and me:"photo what??" and he"yeah, the photo reel in the coke can...." XD or one time my roommate was sleeping and i was dressin up going out and he went like " moy...priest...." or my sista once woke me up in the middle of the night whispering my name...that totally creep'd me out!!

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